Saturday, May 29, 2010

Someone Notice You!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tired to Be Alone

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don’t Cry! Just Say F*CK and Smile



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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Please Insult you there are hiding their Weaknesses

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Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Poop in a Pool


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What Batman Tell the People!


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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why “WTF” is so Special


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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Computer Games Are Good!


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Girl Are Like Apple Tree


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Monday, May 17, 2010

Why You Need a Dad!


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Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Spectacle can do to you!


Quite small try to zoom in!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Psychological Fact!


I am not sure i have posted it before but if yes than cherish the moment !

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If you Love Someone! Tell him or her


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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boobs Make Guys Become Pervert!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Heart for you this Year! But other Organ


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Comparison between Mature Men and Unmature Man!

1. Men will call you pig, my dear, silly nickname like.
Mature men will call you baby. And is distressed to.

2. Men will be very hard and you kiss, no matter if you like, is not
Mature man would love to close their eyes when the concentration of office kiss you gently, so you can feel his love of detail

3. Men or night you call in and chat Q will not be too concerned about whether you want to sleep, but by their own decision not hang
Mature men will keep you trapped concern, other arrangements will detain you and then decide the next step. If you want to sleep their tired even will accompany you.

4. Men always ask you to ask you east west, anything done today, and how so and so, the problem and more numerous, but never his mind to think about moving a lot of obvious problems
Mature men rarely ask you too many questions, except one who did not know that, can not find any clues of things. Otherwise, what could rarely escape their analytical and thinking skills

5. A man who always tell you so and so well, someone's What is it now so all gossip

Mature men rarely talk in front of you who's bad, not like you say
6. Man will let you knock him cooking Laundry, Road occasionally do for you taste a few dishes in general, but also blame your problems.
Mature men will be very quiet as long as you do have time to give a very delicious meal, hands you a banana, laundry to pack home, even if you do the food was unpalatable and the surface of well-being will all eat.

7. Men will laugh out loud in public, regardless of others and you are downtown
Mature men will do their own thing, calm smile, handle various situations. Great respect to take care of you.

8. Man always fight to protect you, or let you go.
Mature man beside you will not fight, but calm with sapiential.

9. Men will be fine one way or another large group of friends go to bars nightclubs to play, then the play is very HIGH, and beautiful women flirting.
Mature men are always forced to be told not to go quietly smoking, drinking and chatting with friends.

10. Men like to collect A film, like the friends discussed.
Mature man receiving friends pass the A film, and then look to delete.

11. Men like to drink, where to eat, nothing to love to open a bottle of wine.
Mature men hate to drink, will need time drinking alcohol.

12. Most men smoke or used to spend their time and fun.
Most mature men smoking themselves to think and calm.

13. Men in times of difficulties will ask you how to do.
Mature men in times of difficulties will not tell you, but to bear their own.

14. Men like the expensive flashy things, the pursuit of the surface of things.

Mature men do not like something quieter, like to have the quality and taste things.

15. Men like the luxury of life, sometimes a waste.
Mature men no matter how rich, would have their own very frugal, and very generous to others.

16. Men rarely go home with their parents, few parents care about love. Regardless of their parents often feel things to do.
No matter how busy the work of a mature man will not even have time to go home with the family, to his family the best things to buy. Parents long illness, the bed every day to accompany. Everything that parents stand point of view.

17. Men will rob your TV remote.
Mature men will accompany you to see your favorite TV shows.
18. Men will Tingyao Gun and the popular folk song great. Will force you gushing with love.
Mature man listening to JAZZ and BLUSE, listen to soothing things, will Tingyao Gun, but they are lyrical. Which would you say is only the history and meaning of the classical orchestra.

19. Men will drive you trouble, pull your hand does not see you when.
Mature men will be very careful driving, will tell you a lot of funny jokes are things that keep you and him trouble. Because of his treasure of life, especially you.

20. Men will hold you, that you sink, you are the pig, so you lose weight.
Mature men like for you to switch, and said so how do you light so you do not lose weight by means Xpress.

21. Men will take a long time before they buy anything you like. After what will be nagging you bought.
Mature man is as long as you like, it will not hesitate to buy, he loves you, so will try to make you happy.

22. Men will feast or give you a ** birthday celebration.
Mature man will take you to a warm place for you to celebrate, only two of you.

23. Man always and everywhere to show off his women and romance. Whether you are not mind.
Mature man, you will be proud of his side when Yang Zhetou. Needless to say, his friends will understand your relationship. Can not speak of your work to meet friends, family, ah ah curiosity.

24. Men always like your dress up gorgeously dressed, for fear of walking down the street people do not see you, friends, relatives and girlfriends do not boast beautiful fashion.
Mature men do not like your make-up and dressed and Reality. They prefer natural simple for you. Even without makeup ugly also feel your best.

25. Men love not withstand the test of lack of a deep and persistent.
Mature man's love is profound, love, calm and collected, yet firm attachment. As fatherly love. He, as if you treasure.
26. Men are always a waste of time.

Mature men always feel the time is not enough.
27. Men are always trying to avoid responsibility.
Mature men are always brave to take responsibility.

28. Men have problems contradictions, will ask how you do.
Mature men will calmly to the solution.

29. Men will make you cry make you angry.
Mature man makes you laugh make you comfortable

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Wendy(Fast Food) is Older Now

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Funniest Essay Ever!


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Monday, May 3, 2010

Single Doesn’t mean i am available


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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things to do on First Day on Class

. Smoke a pipe and respond to each point the professor makes by waving it and saying, "Quite right, old bean!"

2. Wear X-Ray Specs. Every few minutes, ask the professor to focus the overhead projector.

3. Sit in the front row and spend the lecture filing your teeth into sharp points.

4. Sit in the front and color in your textbook.

5. When the professor calls your name in roll, respond "that's my name, don't wear it out!"

6. Introduce yourself to the class as the "master of the pan flute".

7. Give the professor a copy of The Watchtower. Ask him where his soul would go if he died tomorrow.

8. Wear earmuffs. Every few minutes, ask the professor to speak louder.

9. Leave permanent markers by the dry-erase board.

10. Squint thoughtfully while giving the professor strange looks. In the middle of lecture, tell him he looks familiar and ask whether he was ever in an episode of Starsky and Hutch.

11. Ask whether the first chapter will be on the test. If the professor says no, rip the pages out of your textbook.

12. Become entranced with your first physics lecture, and declare your intention to pursue a career in measurements and units.

13. Sing your questions.

14. Speak only in rhymes and hum the Underdog theme.

15. When the professor calls roll, after each name scream "THAT'S MEEEEE! Oh, no, sorry."

16. Insist in a Southern drawl that your name really is Wuchen Li. If you actually are Chinese, insist that your name is Vladimir Fernandez O'Reilly.

17. Page through the textbook scratching each picture and sniffing it.

18. Wear your pajamas. Pretend not to notice that you've done so.

19. Hold up a piece of paper that says in large letters "CHECK YOUR FLY".

20. Inform the class that you are Belgian royalty, and have a friend bang cymbals together whenever your name is spoken.

21. Stare continually at the professor's crotch. Occasionally lick your lips.

22. Address the professor as "your excellency".

23. Sit in the front, sniff suspiciously, and ask the professor if he's been drinking.

24. Shout "WOW!" after every sentence of the lecture.

25. Bring a mirror and spend the lecture writing Bible verses on your face.

26. Ask whether you have to come to class.

27. Present the professor with an enormous fruit-basket.

28. Feign an unintelligible accent and repeatedly ask, "Vet ozzle haffen dee henvay?" Become agitated when the professor can't understand you.

29. Relive your Junior High days by leaving chalk stuffed in the chalkboard erasers.

30. Watch the professor through binoculars.

31. Start a "wave" in a large lecture hall.

32. When the professor turns on his laser-pointer, scream "AAAGH! MY EYES!"

33. Correct the professor at least ten times on the pronunciation of your name, even if it's Smith. Claim that the "i" is silent.

34. Sit in the front row, reading the professor's graduate thesis and snickering.

35. As soon as the first bell rings, regardless of the class subject, volunteer to put a problem on the board. Ignore the professor's reply and proceed to do so anyway.

36. Claim that you wrote the class textbook.

37. Claim to be the teaching assistant. If the real one objects, jump up and scream "IMPOSTER!"

38. Spend the lecture blowing kisses to other students.

39. Every few minutes, take a sheet of notebook paper, write "Sign-up Sheet #" at the top, and start passing it around the room.

40. Stand to ask questions. After the professor answers, bow deeply before taking your seat.

41. Interrupt every few minutes to ask the professor, "Can you spell that?"

42. Disassemble your pen. "Accidentally" propel pieces across the room while playing with the spring. Go on furtive expeditions to retrieve the pieces. Repeat.

43. Wink at the professor every few minutes.

44. In the middle of lecture, ask your professor whether he believes in ghosts.

45. Laugh heartily at everything the professor says. Snort when you laugh.

46. Wear a black hooded cloak to class, and ring a bell.

47. Every time a professor mentions a name, ask "Did he have any children?"

48. Ask your math professor to pull the roll chart above the blackboard of ancient Greek trade routes down farther, because you can't see Macedonia.


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