Thursday, January 27, 2011



I would say that Test Freaks they review on their product are quite good for example like Samsung Galaxy Tab Review as you can see here LINK they not only review what they can see on the phone but with extra useful information that would be useful for us to choose which product is the best. Because nowadays in the market there is a lot of competitor so it will be hard for us to choose which one suit best for us.


In everything there is their pro and cons on thing. The thing that they should improve would be by looking at some of their post mostly game that announcing I think TEST FREAKS Should post more pictures into their every post so that it would look more attractive to read than reading a whole pages of words with only one pictures. I can say that their review on Samsung Galaxy Tab I am really impress with everything have been review from top to bottom. Did not leave anything out compare to other bigger site.

Other thing that I would want to stress about would be they should update more often so that people that is reading their blog would know what new out there than knowing bits and pieces here and there. Because you will never know our new competitor can overtake us anytime.

But I want to say that overall the site is really interesting and useful for me and I think other people would say so too. Because TEST FREAKS have potential in their site. Everybody start from mistakes and sooner or later they will be one of the top site that people would want to visit.


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Great Site